Robot 13



A tall mobile robot with IR thermal sensing that will try to find people and interact with them.


coming soon


Panasonic GridEye

8X8 thermal sensor



Parallax Ping



Will be using a Raspberry Pi. I’m trying to figure out how to communicate with it since it won’t have a monitor, keyboard or mouse

Raspberry Pi

I/O board with an Arduino Nano clone


RF Link

coming soon


One finger for pointing at things, a thumb for indicating approval.




Motor control board

Uses 2 LMD18220s and an Arduino Nano clone


Arrived March 25Here are the Eagle files.

Parts from Digikey

Software options

Option 1

I wrote a simple test program. It uses these commands:

0 stop
1 full speed forward
2 medium speed forward
3 low speed forward
4 gradual right turn
5 sharp right turn
6 gradual left turn
7 sharp left turn
8 reverse
9 brake

Option 2

Software that uses these commands could be written. Once it’s working it could be expanded

Set speed Set direction Rotate
s0 stopped
s1 20%
s2 30%
s3 40%
s4 50%
s5 60%
s6 70%
s7 80%
s8 90%
s9 100% 
d1 turn left, 50cm radius
d2 turn left, 100cm radius
d3 turn left, 2m radius
d4 turn left, 10m radius
d5 straight ahead
d6 turn right, 10m radius
d7 turn right, 2m radius
d8 turn right, 100cm radius
d9 turn right, 50cm radius
x0 rotate left 180 degrees
x1 rotate left 90 degrees
x2 rotate left 45 degrees
x3 rotate left 30 degrees
x4 rotate left 15 degrees
x5 rotate right 15 degrees
x6 rotate right 30 degrees
x7 rotate right 45 degrees
x8 rotate right 90 degrees
x9 rotate right 180 degrees 

b reverse at low speed

Option 3

Albert has some software written that we could use.



Banebots 12VDC, 64:1 planetary gearset, 1A with no load


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